Our Team

Julio Díaz

Regional Farm Manager

Julio is an experienced farmer with over 30 years in senior positions of different types of farms. He joins Agra in 2013.

Before coming to Agra, Julio was for seven years (2007-2013) in charge of Area and Production of Calyx Agro Uruguay. A group of investment in agricultural production that was part Lois Dreyfus Company. Julio was the last employee kept when the group decided to sell its assets. Between 2004 and 2007 Julio was a Manager at farms in Soriano and Durazno. Between 1995 and 2004 Julio led companies in the field of agricultural machinery and transport services. Prior to that, and for another 10 years, his experience was always linked to production areas on farms in Uruguay.

Julio is a long time practitioner who has complemented its extensive field experience with several courses and training programs on agricultural production research institutes as INTA of Argentina and Paraguay.