In Agra we design our services based on proposals that are tailored to the needs of each client.

Understanding our clients’ overall objectives, short term goals and investor’s profile, we prepare work plans that generate the results you want within clear risk parameters. Once the range and scope of our services is agreed, our focus shifts to implementation and within this process we make an additional effort to make tangible investment in the distance, through web tools, reports and the use of images.

We take care of the operating business of each client, and we adapt to work according to our client’s dynamic, flexibility and openness to adjustments on the way.

Our services may include:

Turn-key Farm Management and Administration

Operations Management (Pure Agronomic Aspects)

Management Livestock and Agricultural Investment Pools

Operations Management for Agribusiness Trusts

Structuring and Agricultural Business Management

Structuring and Livestock Business Management

Interaction with customer lawyers and accountants

Preparation and Publication of Reports

Commercial Management

Financial and Banking Management

Evaluation and selection of fields, farms and assets to purchase or lease

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